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I’m getting pretty tired of celebrities standing up with big signs saying “we love you” and “don’t leave”.

If you want to convince any Scottish person to vote EITHER way, at least have the respect to talk about the reasoning behind it.

I’m sorry that you love us, Miscellaneous Celebrities, but I am somewhat more interested in being run by a proprtionally represented government.

Why are all the commentators English? Why is this not being shown in BBC Scotland? Because this is just as Scottish as Britain wants it to be. Fucking gimmick. Also John Barrowman should NOT have been the ‘face’ of Scotland for the opening ceremony. I mean he left scotland when he was like 7. How the fick? I mean what the fuck??? We’re not a fucking gimmick. Fuck I mean the tunnocks? Seriously?

  -  25 July

It’s 24 degrees outside, warmer inside since we’ve never needed ac before, and I’m so ill. Hate warm weather so fucking much! It’s so smothering!!!

  -  25 July
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